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To accompany the Stroke Recovery in Motion Planner

Many of the planning tools and resources found in the Stroke Recovery in Motion Planner are available here for download. These files are editable and designed to help you achieve each step in the planning process.

Step 1 Tools

Step 2 Tools

Step 3 Tools

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Step 7 Tools

We hope the roadmap outlined in the Stroke Recovery in Motion Planner will help you successfully implement and maintain your community-based exercise program for people with stroke ... The implementation process described in the Planner is intended to be used by teams as they see fit, according to their program goals, their individual experience as planners, access to resources, and the unique circumstances of their planning environment. In some cases, this will mean following each Phase, Step, and Activity closely, while for others, it may be to select which elements most support their needs. However you choose to use the guide and tools, remember that, as with most travels, how you get to your destination can be as important and rewarding an experience as the actual destination.

Stroke Recovery in Motion Planner
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