Young woman laughing playing a card game with two stroke survivors

About Us

Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability. Leveraging our rich experience serving people with disabilities, March of Dimes Canada has been supporting people impacted by stroke since 2002. 

Informed by growing evidence about the needs of stroke survivors and their families, our efforts have expanded over time, and resulted in the creation of our new After Stroke program in 2021.

After Stroke

After Stroke works one-on-one with stroke survivors and their families to connect them with a personalized recovery plan, resources in their community, and a network of support to help navigate the journey ahead.

Our vision is for a world where stroke survivors and their families can recover, live life with renewed purpose and optimism, and inspire others to do the same.

We believe everyone deserves to live the best life they can after stroke – and we are here to help make it possible.

Who we are

After Stroke is guided by expertise, lived experience and a drive to bring hope to every single Canadian affected by stroke. 

Our nationwide team includes community-based staff, national program leaders, experts in the field of stroke recovery, and survivors and caregivers who work with us as volunteers and advisors. 

Together, we are proud to offer the personalized support that is so important to navigating the recovery journey.

Who we help

Simply put, if you are affected by stroke, we are here to help. 

We offer support to stroke survivors from all backgrounds and cultures, at every stage of recovery and life after stroke. If you are a family member, close friend or caregiver to someone who has experienced a stroke, we can help you, too.

After Stroke is committed to being accessible and inclusive to everyone who needs us. Our team strives to address any barriers to participation, including those related to language and communication, by working with you to understand and accommodate your needs. Participating in After Stroke is free and does not require a health card or private insurance. 

You can start today by getting in touch.

Where we help

After Stroke is a national program with support teams throughout Ontario, Atlantic Canada, and in British Columbia through our affiliate, After Stroke British Columbia. We also partner with a growing number of hospitals and rehabilitation centres in these regions to support stroke survivors and their families immediately after stroke.  

Even if you do not live in one of these areas, you can still reach out to After Stroke to access tools, resources and referrals that can help you navigate the path forward.

Our research

After Stroke’s research program is designed to connect theory and practice in order to develop relevant, timely and high-impact solutions to the challenges faced by stroke survivors, their families, and the professionals and organizations who support them.

Our work supporting stroke survivors and families allows us to directly engage the community in shaping and guiding our research. We explore, test and refine our approaches, which helps us improve our own offerings and stroke support worldwide. 

We’re proud to partner with leading academic and institutional partners across Canada and internationally. We’re always looking to grow our network and our ability to create impact across the country.

To discuss research partnerships and opportunities for collaboration, contact

When COVID-19 hit and in-person programs were no longer possible, the staff at March of Dimes Canada called to check in on me. They are like family. They cared and wanted to ensure I wasn’t cut off from support.”

Christopher Doyle
54 years old at the time of stroke