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Our volunteers

After Stroke volunteers bring emotional support, education, and community connection to stroke survivors and their families.

Many of our volunteers have lived experience with stroke and can share messages of hope, as well as an introduction to the resources and services After Stroke can provide.

The time commitment we ask for is often flexible, and there is usually a choice of in-person and virtual roles.

We are always looking for new team members. So why volunteer?

Volunteering can give you:

  • A feeling of satisfaction of making a difference in your community
  • The chance to meet new people
  • An opportunity to learn new skills and build on existing ones
  • Valuable knowledge and hands-on experience
Woman volunteer visiting a woman stroke survivor in a hospital bed


Hospital visiting (virtual)

Connect with people recovering in hospital and their families

  • This opportunity connects stroke survivors or caregivers well into their recovery with new stroke survivors or caregivers, in a hospital setting (acute care, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation unit).
  • Volunteers have a first-hand understanding of the psychological and physical effects of a stroke.
  • By sharing their experiences, they provide hope, encouragement and emotional support right at the beginning of the recovery process.

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Peer volunteer (virtual)

Share your experience with recently-diagnosed stroke survivors one-on-one

Experienced stroke survivors or caregivers provide one-on-one support to stroke survivors who have recently returned home. Sessions are held on a regular schedule, either by phone or virtually.

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aphasia support group members


After Stroke support groups

These groups provide an opportunity for stroke survivors and their families to connect to others with similar experiences.

Our volunteers help March of Dimes Canada staff create open and supportive environments where members feel comfortable to share personal stories, resources and ideas about recovery.

Our volunteers help facilitate groups, engage participants, answer questions, and contribute to discussions.

Help run your local group, and become an advocate for the stroke community

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Working committee


After Stroke Advisory Committee and working groups

Help to steer the development of the After Stroke program.

Volunteers include stroke survivors, family members and caregivers, and members of key stakeholder groups and the social and health care sectors.

All our Advisory Committee roles are filled right now, but opportunities may become available in the future.

Additionally, we often need volunteers for our working groups and the focus groups that give us feedback on the After Stroke program and our services.

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Find out more

Volunteering opportunities vary from community to community, and some roles have special requirements.

Email volunteer@marchofdimes.ca to be connected with a local volunteer coordinator and find out what’s available in your area.