Stroke Recovery in Motion Planner

Stroke Recovery in Motion Planner cover

Introducing the Stroke Recovery in Motion Planner

Experts in healthcare recommend continued exercise for regaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after stroke. While there have been great strides made in stroke treatment and rehabilitation, stroke survivors do not always have access to specially adapted exercise programs once they return to their communities as indicated by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery in 2016.

That’s where the Stroke Recovery in Motion (SRiM) Planner can help. The SRiM planner was developed by a pan Canadian research team through a Brain Canada Foundation research grant funded by the Brain Canada Foundation, to develop an evidence-informed, step-by-step toolkit designed to help anyone interested in developing and providing community-based physical activity programs for people with stroke. These include:

  • Health service coordinators
  • Community program managers and leaders
  • Health professionals
  • Fitness professionals
  • Advisory groups
  • People impacted by stroke

Whether you are a novice who is developing your first community-based physical activity program or a leader who has delivered physical activity programs for decades, you’ll benefit from this detailed resource.

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What’s inside?

The planner includes a full guide and planning tools that have been field-tested and evaluated by the expert research team. It is divided into three phases:

  1. Understanding our needs, population, and resources,
  2. Building solutions that work for us, and
  3. Implementing, monitoring, and maintaining our program.

Each phase is laid out step-by-step to help create successful programs that meet a specific need for stroke survivors within our communities.


  • A step-by-step guide – providing a roadmap from start to finish
  • Evidence-based tools to help with each phase and step of the development process
  • Checklists for each stage to ensure no steps are missed or skipped
  • Ideas on how to engage with key stakeholders, including community members impacted by stroke (caregivers, family, friends), fitness professionals, community leaders, stroke advocacy groups, and community organization staff
  • Ways to identify barriers and find solutions to program barriers
  • Help on choosing an exercise program that meets the specific needs for your community
  • Evidence-informed and tested tools designed to evaluate the program delivery and outcomes

Request your free copy of the Stroke Recovery in Motion Planner today! Simply click here to fill out a short online form.