Caregiver Survival Checklist

smiling older mother and daughter

There’s a lot to consider when you become a caregiver. Use this checklist as a tool to help you get the resources and support you need.

☑   Take it one day at a time
☑   Accept your limitations
☑   Learn to ask for help and accept any help offered
☑   Have a daily routine and stick to it
☑   Don’t bottle up negative feelings – talk about them with someone you trust
☑   Take time for yourself every day
☑   Keep your sense of humour
☑   Look after your health – get plenty of rest, exercise daily, eat a nutritious diet, and see your doctor
☑   Take advantage of local support groups like those offered by Stroke Recovery Canada
☑   Remain socially active
☑   Find a caregiver respite program in your community
☑   Consider modifications to your home and assistive devices
☑   Consider nursing and housekeeping services